Cookie Policy


This notice is given by Spernanzoni S.R.L. in relation to the website
The company Spernanzoni S.R.L. provides a unitary notice in order to release consent to install cookies related to the web site.

1. What is a cookie?
A cookie is a text file that a website sends to the device. Cookies are stored in such device before being re-sent to the website when the user visits it again.

2. Types of cookies
Cookies may be categorised:- Based on the subject who installs them, depending on whether the latter also manages the website that is being visited (so-called first-party cookies) or another subject does it (so-called third-party cookies)

3. Which cookies do we use?
Our websites make use of first-party technical cookies, which do not require the user's authorisation in order to be installed, and third-party profiling cookies, which, instead, require the users' authorisation to be used. Spernanzoni S.R.L  is the data controller solely for those first-party cookies' installed on its respective websites.

4. Analytical cookies
Cookies used by third parties, even in disaggregated form, for managing the statistics.
These kind of cookies collect data from website in order to help us improve the browsing and shopping experience for the users.
All the information collected by the cookies collect is in an anonymous form. The following are the examples of the data collected by cookies:
  - number of visitors;
- performance indicators of acquisition campaigns based on different web traffic sources;
- details on viewed and purchased products;
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5. Advertising Cookies
Aimed at proposing tailored advertising to users showing interest in a website by internet browsing history and past visits to this website.
Collected data may include demographic data and/or browsing history, products viewed, purchases resulting from advertising campaigns.
They are used for purposes such as:
  - determine the number of users who has finalized a purchase after clicking on an advertisement;
- display, also on other websites, advertisement in line with the user’s demographic profile or based on the user’s specific interests and concerning for example advertisements about products previously viewed on the website or on the store;
- provide information needed for reporting purposes on advertising campaigns;
- avoid repetitions in displaying advertisement which has already been submitted to the user or not in line with their browsing history.
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Information provided by Spernanzoni S.R.L. pursuant to Article 13 of the Italian Data Protection Code.
The independent data controller for the collected data through the first-party cookies installed by is Spernanzoni S.R.L. based in Italy, via Gentile da Fabriano, 62010 Morrovalle (MC).