A strictly hand-made pair of shoes requires skills and expertise. To create a product using tools such as leather knife, tongs and nails for mounting, awl, needle and thread to seam the walt, one needs skills – and above all, a lot of time. The whole point of a Vittorio Spernanzoni item – the element giving it a value hard to estimate using the standard consumer economy parameters – is indeed time. The time required to create a product manually- But even more specifically, the time required to turn a pair of shoes into object that convey perfection: little masterpieces resulting from the skilled and dedicated hand of craftsmen. A truly genuine hand-made product stands out for the details: these are to be analysed, studied and observed with great attention to detect those sophisticated elements that make than product unique – and able to provide stunning performances. This is the reason why we have defined some essential rules for genuine hand-made with our craftsmen; a “guide” for real experts, a tool to identifiy the distinctive features of a genuine hand-made product.